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Project Description

This is "The Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab", short WaveLab, website. We are a research group at the Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces (AIHI) Department of the University of Salzburg led by Andreas Uhl. Our research is focused on Visual Data Processing and associated security questions. Most of our work is currently concentrated on Biometrics, Media Forensics and Media Security, Medical Image and Video Analysis, and application oriented fundamental research in digital humanities, individualised aquaculture and sustainable wood industry.

Autonomous driving on railroads (autoBahn)


Project Description:

autoBahn (Energie- und Klimafonds / FFG project 825624) is a project on autonomous railroad systems targeted to local railway lines. The basic idea is to employ a set of autonomously driving trainlets of small size, which allows to replace a strict schedule by transportation on demand guaranteeing a certain maximal waiting time. We work in the area of obstacle detection, where a phalanx of different sensors is employed to cope with varying wheater and other environmental conditions. Main task is applying advanced image processing and vision techniques to the sensor data and fusion of the corresponding results to provide robust driving decision informations. This project is led by the Embedded Software and Systems Center at Salzburg University and is conducted in a larger consortium including the Wels University of Applied Science, Siemens AG Austria, and Stern & Hafferl Verkehrsgesellschaft m.b.H., in cooperation with the Department of Measurement and Control (MRT) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).





  • Jan 2010 - Dec 2011


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