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SCH -- Shape Curvature Histogram v1.0

This is "The Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab", short WaveLab, website. We are a research group at the Computer Sciences Department of the University of Salzburg headed by Andreas Uhl. The short name "WaveLab" already indicates that wavelets are among our favorite tools - we have 15 years of experience in this area. Our research is focused on Multimedia Security including Watermarking, Image and Video Compression, Medical Image Classification, and Biometrics.
Shape-Curvature-Histogram (SCH) is the MATLAB reference implementation for the feature extraction approach published in:

"Shape Curvature Histogram: A Shape Feature for Celiac Disease Diagnosis"

Abstract: In this work we introduce a curvature based shape feature extraction technique, which unlike others, does not necessarily depend on a closed boundary or a defined region. While the proposed feature has been developed for celiac disease diagnosis, it can potentially be utilized in other problem domains as well. To construct the proposed descriptor, first an input color channel is sub- ject to edge detection and gradient computations. Then, based on the gradient map and edge map, the local curvature is computed for each pixel as the angular difference between the maximum and minimum gra- dient angle within a certain neighborhood. Experiments show, that the feature is competitive as far as the clas- sification rate is concerned. Despite its discriminative power, a further positive aspect is the compactness of the feature vector. The code is available upon request.

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