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ICME10-2dvec-wm Material

This is "The Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab", short WaveLab, website. We are a research group at the Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces (AIHI) Department of the University of Salzburg led by Andreas Uhl. Our research is focused on Visual Data Processing and associated security questions. Most of our work is currently concentrated on Biometrics, Media Forensics and Media Security, Medical Image and Video Analysis, and application oriented fundamental research in digital humanities, individualised aquaculture and sustainable wood industry.
Supplementary material for the 2D vector graphics distortion constraint watermarking proposed in

Stefan Huber, Roland Kwitt, Peter Meerwald, Martin Held, Andreas Uhl, "Watermarking of 2D Vector Graphics with Distortion Constraint", In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME '10), pp. 480-485, Singapore, July 19 - 23, 2010

Abstract: We study the watermarking of 2D vector data and introduce a framework which preserves topological properties of the input. Our framework is based on so-called maximum perturbation regions (MPR) of the input vertices, which is a concept similar to the just-noticeable-difference constraint. The MPRs are computed by means of the Voronoi diagram of the input and allow us to avoid (self-)intersections of input objects that might result from the embedding of the watermark. We demonstrate and analyze the applicability of this new framework by coupling it with a well-known approach to watermarking that is based on Fourier descriptors. However, our framework is general enough such that any robust scheme for the watermarking of vector data can be applied.

Here are some supplementary results (PDF) that did not fit in the paper.

OpenStreetMap data of Salzburg:

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Data from the Open Clip Art library:

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The graphics have been scanned and vectorized based on image donated by Pearson Scott Foresman to the public domain.

See README for details.

The code is available upon request.

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